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5 Catalyst Members attend TRUSE Conference

Catalyst Center Director, Michael Loverude, along with 4 other Catalyst members (Joel Abraham, Mary Emenike, Nicole Engelke, and Sissi Li) attended the 2012 Transforming Research on Undergraduate STEM Education (TRUSE) Conference, a conference to promote the integration of research on undergraduate mathematics, physics, and chemistry education, at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN.

  TRUSE conference   TRUSE conference  TRUSE conference


TRUSE conferenceTRUSE conferenceFour posters were presented by Catalyst members:

“Development of the Dominance Relationships Concept Inventory (DRCI)”
(Abraham, J.K., Meir, E.; Perez, K.E., & Price, R.M. ) 

“Investigating Supplemental Instruction through interviews with
faculty members and students”
(Emenike, M.E. & Loverude, M.E.) 

“Becoming chemists and physicists: A community perspective”
(Li, S.L. & Loverude, M.E.)

“Investigating Student Understanding of the Approach to Thermal Equilibrium”
(Loverude, M.E.)