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Catalyst Members Attend Winter Conferences

AAPT 2013 winter meeting

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January 5-9, Catalyst Center director Michael Loverude, postdoctoral scholar Sissi Li and physics graduate student April Hankins attended the 2013 winter national meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers in New Orleans, LA. The conference provided an opportunity to interact with researchers and teachers in physics education. The CSUF researchers presented research talks and posters, met with collaborators, and discussed ongoing and future research projects. Hankins collaborated on one poster with students and faculty from Cal Poly Pomona presented a second poster on her own research titled “Do Proportional Reasoning Skills Affect Student Performance in Intro. Astronomy?” Dr. Li presented research on how physics community norms are developed and supported in an upper-division course in a talk titled “Fostering Future Members of the Physics SissiPoster2Community.” Additional research findings and context for physics major identity development were presented in a poster titled “Peer Influence on Student Physics Learning: in Class and Beyond.” Li also co-organized a session titled “Insights and Benefits from Framing a Class as a Discourse Community” which was well attended. Dr. Loverude presented findings about ways in which students make sense of entropy in a talk titled “Student Connections Between Multiplicity and Macroscopic Entropy.” Additionally, Loverude was an invited speaker in a session on physics preparation for preservice elementary teachers; his talk was titled “An Inquiry-based Course in Chemistry and Physics for Pre-service Teachers.”


TUES conference

Michael-articleMichael Loverude was one of about five hundred PIs invited to the 2013 CCLI / TUES conference hosted by the NSF and AAAS in Washington, DC, January 23 to 25, 2013. 
The NSF’s TUES program (Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM) funds research and curriculum development projects focused on undergraduate science, math, and engineering education.  Loverude and his Collaborating PI John Thompson (University of Maine) presented posters on their current grant:  “Collaborative Project:  Teaching and Learning of Thermal Physics.”